Hi, i'm amy

Let me help tell your story. 
I have been photographing professionally since 2006 and documentation of life events, big and small, is my life’s calling. 
I am wife to my husband Jeff and mom to our son Mayer. We are a family who travels, has too many (never enough) plants and loves to dream. Painting and creating art is my side hustle and another outlet to creativity.
Thank you for stopping here and viewing my work. 
Often my favorite photographs are the moments in between. I love the epic photos and setting up a moment. But the ones that capture my heart the most? It’s the moments you don’t even know I captured. Your real selves. The authentic you. There is a rawness and realness in those moments.
Capturing the feeling of the moment, rather than the perfection of the moment. This is what I want to share.


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