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Ashley + Teddy / Maternity Session / Grand Rapids Maternity Photographer

014_AshleyTeddyMaternity Give me an evening with rolling fog, Lake Michigan and two of the sweetest people on the planet and I’ll give you one of my favorite maternity sessions to date.
Ashley+Teddy are welcoming a sweet baby girl soon and I couldn’t be happier for them. I love that I get to document so many of these big life moments..I first met these two as they were planning their wedding and now their family is growing. I’m such a sap but I just love this so much!   013_AshleyTeddyMaternity  018_AshleyTeddyMaternity 021_AshleyTeddyMaternity copy  022_AshleyTeddyMaternity   061_AshleyTeddyMaternity 063_AshleyTeddyMaternity 066_AshleyTeddyMaternity 068_AshleyTeddyMaternity 072_AshleyTeddyMaternity 078_AshleyTeddyMaternity  086_AshleyTeddyMaternity 087_AshleyTeddyMaternity 093_AshleyTeddyMaternity
012_AshleyTeddyMaternity097_AshleyTeddyMaternity 098_AshleyTeddyMaternity 099_AshleyTeddyMaternity 102_AshleyTeddyMaternity
120_AshleyTeddyMaternity 117_AshleyTeddyMaternity 118_AshleyTeddyMaternity 108_AshleyTeddyMaternity 134_AshleyTeddyMaternity 135_AshleyTeddyMaternity
046_AshleyTeddyMaternity145_AshleyTeddyMaternity 146_AshleyTeddyMaternity 151_AshleyTeddyMaternity

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Nicole + Steve / Maternity Session

AC3_7988 copywe are well into the new year. 2016. and here is my first blog post to ring in the new year, nearly a month late, and featuring a maternity session i shot last summer. no time like the present, right?

nicole+steve are now parents to the sweetest baby girl. just before she arrived, we met at a foggy orchard to document a family about to change. enjoying a quiet few moments and beautiful talks about a new life about to arrive. it was a favorite from this past year.

get ready for a lot of new posts coming your way friends. and i hope the new year has been a lovely one for you all!
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Karissa + Nick / Maternity Session / Grand Rapids Maternity Photographer

AC3_1872 copy

Maternity sessions are always a joy to photograph. Babies are fun to talk about and new, expectant parents have a beautiful, nervous excitement about them that you can almost feel.

Karissa and Nick are full of personality, spirit and the kindest souls. The moment I met Karissa I felt an instant kindred heart. We found out we share a birthday and a lot of other commonalities which made me want to go shopping and grab a latte with her afterwards.

Enjoy a session full of love and personality. These two will be welcoming their sweet baby later this month!

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AC3_1900 copy AC3_1880 copyAC2_9251 copy

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AC2_9016 copy

AC2_8987 copy
AC2_8956 copy AC2_8951 copy AC2_8850 copy AC2_8766 copy

 This last image is from a few weeks after their original maternity session. Karissa wanted a few images at their home, telling the story of the natural beauty of carrying a baby. Less clothes, more belly, but this image here just encompasses that raw emotion and beauty of this time and I wanted to share this last image that happens to be one of my favorites.AC3_2804 COPY

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Sam + Matt / A Vow Renewal / Michigan Wedding Photographer

AC3_8448 copy

Oh my sweet, neglected blog. I know that this phrase is overused and stated often, but seriously…where has the summer gone?

I have so many pretty posts, weddings, shoots and images to share with you all from the past few months (and I promise new posts are on their way soon!). One I’m incredibly excited and proud to share with you all is none other than our dear friends Sam+Matt and their family. This was a day that both Jeff and I got to take part in and be keepers of a fun secret that Sam and Matt had planned for their family and friends.

Sam and Matt celebrated 15 years of marriage this year. To celebrate, they planned a vow renewal among their family and friends. A secret vow renewal as to surprise everyone! It would be at Lake Michigan. My husband Jeff was to be the officiant. I, the photographer. Sam had a beautiful dress handmade for the event and all of the details were coming together perfectly.

Before the vow renewal itself, we went out to take family pictures of the whole family together and dressed up. Afterward, we all celebrated in a beautiful dinner together. It was an evening filled with love and all the good things that make me happy to be their friends.

AC2_4877 copy

AC2_4898 copy

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AC2_5143 copy
AC3_9068 copyAC2_5157 copyOur sweet son Mayer in his blog debut! 
AC2_5188 copyOur whole friend gang together. And a rare shot with me in it! Thank you Taylor for taking this for us.
AC3_9318 copy


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Baby Sawyer // Newborn Lifestyle Session // Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer


AC3_8049 copy

Newborn sessions just don’t get any sweeter than this one.  I also may be slightly biased as this family is quite dear to me. So dear, in fact, they let me name their baby. True story.

Meet Sawyer Lyon. The youngest of this three-boy pack. This family wins for being so darling.

AC3_8057 copy
AC3_8056 copy

AC3_7970 copy
AC3_8505 copyAC3_8093 copy


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