Let’s Collaborate / Spring Sweet + Jackie D. Palmer Films


There is something about a collaboration that makes me completely giddy. We as creatives really get to stretch and play and imagine and work with amazing people and companies. Such was the case on this rainy, April morning. I have gotten to be good friends with the talented (seriously talented) Jackie Palmer of Jackie D. Palmer Films. This girl has vision. We have done a few really lovely collabs together in the past that were nothing short of amazing and this one followed suit. We were working together to highlight one of my favorite local bridal salons, Spring Sweet, located in downtown Holland. Spring has a fun story herself, and her newly envisioned bridal shop is one of the best curated in the area. I also saw through the powers of social media that she and her team were recently in NYC to snatch up new designs and gowns and what I was seeing made my heart explode. Brides! Do not miss the opportunity to dress shop here!
Jackie and I shot this pretty series of gowns and her video tells the story in a way my live pictures just can’t. I highly encourage you to stop whatever you are doing to watch this beautifully made film (and turn up the volume…it’s like this piece was written for our shoot).  Huge thank you to our model Brittany McPherson and our make up artist Naomi Renee (hair was courtesy of Jackie as well…is there anything this girl can’t do??)075_jackiepalmerspringsweetcollab 074_jackiepalmerspringsweetcollab
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Sweet Morgan + Auburn / A Maternity Lifestyle Session / Grand Rapids Michigan Photographer

I like that this world is a small one.
It is just the case in this story…the story of how I met this sweet mama named Morgan. Months ago, she purchased this print from West Elm. A follower of mine on Instagram tagged me on said picture. I looked at the image, loved how Morgan used it in her pretty home, and asked her if I could repost it. I saw from her profile she lived in Grand Rapids…not far from myself! We struck up a conversation, she purchased a few more prints, and then we chatted about a little lifestyle maternity session before she welcomed her second son into this world (he was born yesterday by the way!!)
Her husband was working and couldn’t make all of our crazy timing work for this session, but Morgan and her adorable toddler Auburn were happy to show me around their restored family farm house, meet some chickens, pick flowers and veggies from the garden (they even sent me home with some!) and had the loveliest morning together.
Check out her own blog and follow her along on Instagram. Her house is full of the prettiest personal touches and bright airy design. She’s an inspiration to many and has the personality to match. Enjoy Enjoy!
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