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Emily + Ian / A Love Story / Northern Michigan Photographer

A family is a family when two people are committed to each other and hold each other in the closest proximity. Kids will often add to a family, but they aren’t what makes a family.
I say this because Emily+Ian are a family. They wanted a session to celebrate that. Celebrate their love, their marriage, their commitment to each other. They wanted a documentation of a life they are building together…part of that life is a rehabbed home in one of my favorite parts of the world…the Leelanau Penninsula.
I have long thought, before Emily and I officially met, that we might be soul-sisters. You know…based on what I could gather on social media without actually having met her. We are both photographers, both recently sold homes in the ‘Heritage Hill’ district of the city we both reside in. I longed to also have a home in Northern Michigan…she beat me to that punch (but we caught up! More on that later). She seemed like a rad girl. I fancied being a rad girl.
When she contacted me this past spring to inquire about having a session with her and her husband Ian, I was completely on board. She wanted something on their property, something chill, something that encompassed them. The laughter, the sand dunes, their Airstream…it was a dream of an evening and made even better with beers and laughs around the campfire with them and my own little family afterward. Emily+Ian…I dig ya both hard.006_EmilyIanGallery002_EmilyIanGallery
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