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Sam is 40 // Celebrating A Friend Who Inspires // Grand Rapids Photographer


Catching right up from the summertime here friends. While I have not blogged much this past year, it certainly wasn’t for lack of shooting. Quite the opposite in fact. And now that the winter months are upon us, I intend to showcase some of my favorite shoots from this past year.

Which brings me to this happy face right here. This girl. This is Sam. Shutter Sam. And she turned 40 this summer.

Most of us dread 40. In our 30s it looms over us like a dark storm we see on the horizon. Many of us remember our parents turning 40 (and the fact that it seemed, well, old). And then here is my lovely friend, breaking all the rules. Not scared. Not waxing poetic about her 20s and 30s and how they will be missed. Nope…this girl be celebrating.

Thank you for the lesson, friend.









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  1. brooke
    brooke says:

    aaaah! yes! it’s a happy thing to see women celebrate 40 and do it with such style and grace. 40 doesn’t seem so far off for me these days, and so this encourages my heart. 🙂

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